Old Elm Tree

I forgot to share this here. I made a little sidestory of the 2nd chapter of Haven. Hope you like it!

Summary: Sixteen-year old Shen Jiu is spending New Year’s at the Liu Manor. As much as he is looking forward to spend his days eating delicious sweets and gossiping with the aunties, he knows he must also socialize with the prestigious guests in order to earn their respect. At least, that was he planned to do until he met a familiar old lady.


Special Thanks to my Beta Reader, Shen-shibo

YAY! The first entry of the year! And it’s a crack fick! Kudos for me!


“This one wanted to show her gratitude towards Shen-shibo. Thanks to his guidance, Healing Fire was a sweeping success.”
Shen Qingqiu didn’t quite understand what the girl had said.
“Excuse this master,” he cleared his throat. “Healing Fire?”
“That’s the name of the story you helped me with,” she said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“I see. And… it was a sweeping success among who?”
“My shijies and shimeis, of course.”
That was Shen Qingqiu’s turn to blink very, very slowly. Twice.

Or Shen Jiu becomes Liu Mingyan’s beta reader.



I forgot to publish this yesterday, but finally, finally I managed to finish the first chapter of the Providence sequel, Haven. This will be the last update of 2021, so I hope ya’ll have a great 2022. Or at least not a crappy one. Thank you for yet another year of your views!

Ship: LiuJiu


After being saved by the Liu family and reuniting with his brother, Shen Jiu began a peaceful life at Cang Qiong Sect. At least as peaceful as it could get with the frightful constant presence of his shifu and Liu Mingwu being the brutish brat he always was.

Sometimes, though, it was difficult for him to accept that he had finally found a haven for himself; let alone that he deserved it.

Luckily for him, both his brother and the stupid Bai Zhan brute were there to remind him that he did.


Before Dawn

Yay! My SVSSS Secret Santa gift for Sharkseye was finally revealed!!!

Pairing: LiuJiu(ish)

Summary: Liu Qingge and Shen Qingqiu are sent on a mission to solve a series of mysterious disappearances. As always, Shen Qingqiu prefers to waste his time flirting with women and Liu Qingge has to hunt for the enemy by himself. Whatever, he thinks. It’s better this way. After all, he’s the strongest Bai Zhan disciple. He can take on anything the enemy throws at him! Or so he thought before falling straight into the enemy’s trap. Meanwhile, not far away from there, Shen Qingqiu feels the sudden urge to kill someone.


In Twilight Hours

Just in time for being late, here’s the second part of the QiJiu fic In Twilight Hours. This time we’ve got Qi-ge’s POV.

Summary: Shen Qingqiu barely slept before and during his first Immortal Alliance Conference as Peak Lord. Once the event was over, he had to struggle for a couple of extra days to catch up with his ordinary work. Now he was exhausted and his mind was beginning to play tricks on him, but thankfully it would be over soon. Or at least that’s what he thought before a very annoying Sect Leader came knocking at his door late into the night.


Go For It, Yue Qingyuan!

Desde hacía tiempo tenía esta idea en la cabeza y como yo no sé dibujar, le pedí una comisión a Veritos (Twitter) (Deviantart) del meme Go For it Nakamura pero con OG!Shen Qingqiu y Yue Qingyuan. El pobre Qi-ge es un pelín masoquista, pero creo que yo también porque también amo al villano escoria. ♥

¡Mil gracias a Veritos por su hermoso trabajo! El dibujo también está en la galería de Fanarts, la cual ya vi que necesita marcadores, pero no sé cómo hacer eso en wordpress así que mejor investigo el fin de semana. XD


To close my QiJiuWeek, here’s my last work. Fluffy duffy bois being happy together after. ♥


For months Xiao Jiu wondered how it would be when Qi-ge finally went back for him. Usually, he imagined he would receive a secret note or hear an unexpected whisper from out of nowhere telling him to wait for him in the courtyard by midnight. Then they would escape gliding through the roofs, flying on swords or clumsily jumping to the other side of the fence. Other times he imagined it would be while he walked behind Qiu Haitang on the market. Qi-ge would take advantage of the crowd and would take his hand as soon as the girl and her other servants went out of sight. Very rarely he imagined Qi-ge would come back for him through the front door. He would demand Xiao Jiu be freed and then they would walk together hand in hand as Qiu Jianluo watched helplessly. Yet, he never imagined he would bring other cultivators with him.

Xiao Jiu never thought anyone besides Qi-ge would be interested in helping him.