«Love&Game» and «Just one Bed» English

This year I was very inspired to do the closure fic for the MiloShipFest 2020. As if that wasn’t enough, this time I bring you 2 stories. The Love & Game fic goes to Minerva Bird (ff.net) for having made the most contributions in the least amount of time. Just one Bed drabble goes to Stardustrevolution777 (tumblr) for taking 2nd place.

I hope you don’t hate them!

Title: Love&Game

Ship: SagaxMiloxCamus

Summary: After making several mistakes, Saga gets a second chance with Milo. However, it will not take long for him to risk their relationship once again by asking Kanon for a strange favor: to switch places with him. As expected, Kanon decides to take full advantage of his brother’s blunder.


Title: Just one Bed

Ship: MiloxCamus

Summary: Milo and Camus are sent on a mission together, but in their hostel room there is only one bed. Camus fears for his safety and is quick to tell Milo that the only thing they will do in the bed is sleep. Strangely, Milo agrees.


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