Easy Come, Easy Go

So, we all know that I’m a slut for happy endings, but recently I’m also a slut for OG!Shen Qingqiu. So, I’m participating in the ShenJiuGoodEndFesta2021. Here’s my first work. Hope you don’t hate it!

Please mind the tags!

Easy Come, Easy Go

Ship: QiJiu, past BingJiu


Luo Binghe had gotten everything he wanted: power, his own sect, a legion of demons and the vengeance he always strived for. For anybody else it would have been impossible to obtain even a fraction of what he owned, but for Luo Binghe everything had come easy.

But Shen Jiu, who always struggled for as little —or as much— he had, knew that what easy comes, easy goes.

Yue Qingyuan is concerned about some unexpected news regarding Luo Binghe. Despite his martial brother’s protests, he decides to pay a visit to the Demon Lord.


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